Conferences & Events

Our conferences and events enable students to develop leadership skills and access successful leaders. The event co-directors, who can be found under the our board tab work with other leadership organizations to host meaningful events that seek to engage diverse groups of student.
Below is a list of our conferences that we host annually:

Perspectives on Leadership Conference

Set in the spring semester, the annual Perspectives on Leadership Conference (PLC) is a one-day conference that brings student leadership to life with compelling speakers, panels, and workshops. This one-day conference began in March 2008 as a joint conference between the United States Military Academy and the Leadership Institute at Yale. In 2012, the Leadership Institute increased the number of participant schools to include other military academies, Ivy League institutions, several leadership-related organizations across the country, and the Yale School of Management. The conference has traditionally explored the similarities and differences that unique leadership styles share based on individuals' backgrounds and experiences.

The last PLC conference took place on April 10th - 11th, 2015 at Yale University's Elm City Club. The conference focused on how various leadership styles develop in different fields (politics, the military,
 economics, business, academia, and non-profits) and from different backgrounds. The conference fostered meaningful relationships among leaders from different institutions and organizations across the nation. Using small-group settings to maximize the advantage of intimate interactions during simulations, discussions, and workshops, the conference hosted a total of five leadership experts from various fields. Past speakers have included Professor Thomas Kolditz from Yale University School of Management, Professor in the Practice of Leadership and Management, Professor Victor Vroom from Yale University School of Management, BearingPoint Professor of Management & Professor of Psychology, Commander Arthur Gibb from United States Naval Academy, Charles Vogl an Executive Training and Story Coach, and more. 

Yale University President's Gala

The first hint of an event similar to the President's Gala was enacted in 2013, when the Leadership Institute at Yale hosted the first inaugural President's Dinner. This event brought together 25 of Yale College's most prominent student leaders in the hopes of creating a forum for creative innovative, and honest dialogue on effective leadership at Yale. That year, the keynote speaker was Linda Koch Lorimer, the Vice President for Global and Strategic Initiatives. She spoke about her own extensive leadership experience and moderated an engaging discussion on the nuances of leadership on campus.

This year, we are evolving the vision of the President's Dinner to become the President's Gala, to be held during the first semester. The Yale University President's Gala will be the only event at Yale that unites, and celebrates the diverse leadership among the student organizations of Yale. Every registered student organization (totaling 344 registered student organizations) will be allowed to nominate one outstanding individual from their organization to receive the Yale Recognition of Excellent Leadership Award. All organization honorees, along with two of the honorees guests, will be invited to the President's Gala. Three students, voted upon by the executives of Yale College Council and the Leadership Institute will be chosen as recipients of the award.

In addition to the student recipients, one outstanding honoree known for leadership in the global community will be awarded an honorary Recognition of Excellent Leadership Award. 

High School Yale Servant Leadership Conference (YSLC)  

In 2015, the Yale Leadership Institute will host it's inaugural Yale Servant Leadership Conference tailored towards high school students. The conference will focus on teaching students how to be a servant-leader, focusing primarily on the growth and well=being of people and the communities to which they belong. While traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the "top of the pyramid," servant leadership is different. The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first, and helps develop and perform as high as possible. The conference teaches students how to create a culture of servant leadership and coaches them on becoming a positive influence to those around them and their community at large. 

The second purpose of the YLSC conference is to allow high school students to interact with students from different school systems and share ideas that they may have in order to improve their schools.