Executive Board

Maggie Wellborn President

Maggie Wellborn

Maggie Wellborn is from Atlanta, GA. At Yale, she is in Timothy Dwight College and hopes to major in Applied Mathematics. Outside of the Leadership Institute, she is involved in other organizations such as Demos and Smart Woman Securities. She enjoys cooking, playing sports, and traveling. Back home, she runs an organization called For Glove of the Game that gives coaching and equipment to high school softball teams.

Lionel Chentian   Vice President

Lionel Chentian  
Vice President

Born in Beijing, Lionel Chentian grew up in Singapore and has now spent a little over a year in the U.S. A sophomore in Calhoun College, he will potentially be majoring in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Computer Science, but also loves the humanities and social sciences. Lionel is passionate about leadership because great feats are accomplished by great teams, and he is excited by LI's work to develop the leader in Yalies. Outside of LI, Lionel serves as Operations Manager in the Yale Scientific Magazine, writes for the Yale Daily News, and also enjoys playing the violin with the Berkeley College Orchestra.


Julia Carro LEAD Year 1 Co-Director

Julia Carro
LEAD Year 1 Co-Director

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Amy Zhang Events Co-Director

Amy Zhang
Events Co-Director

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Alexander Posner Youth Leadership Program Director

Alexander Posner
Youth Leadership Program Director

Alexander Posner hails from New York City and is currently a sophomore in Morse College. He spent this past summer performing magic in India and serving as a camp counselor at Camps Kenwood and Evergreen in New Hampshire. He loves current events and international affairs, passions he explored during a gap year before the start of college. In addition to his involvement with the Leadership Institute, Alex coaches debate at Metro High School in New Haven and serves on the board of the Yale Gap Year Network. He is also a member of the Yale Magic Society and Vice-President of the non-profit organization Magicians Without Borders. You can reach him at alexander.posner@yale.edu.


Shogun Mahadumrongkul  LEAD Year 1 Co-Director

Shogun Mahadumrongkul 
LEAD Year 1 Co-Director

Born and raised in Thailand, Shogun is an international sophomore studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). Shogun is passionate about integrating mindfulness into leadership practices and looks forward to working with the LEAD class to cultivate their leadership skills. Shogun is also a violinist at Davenport Pops Orchestra and enjoys playing sports in his free time.


Berk Manav Events Co-Director

Berk Manav
Events Co-Director


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Lelina Chang LEAD Program Director

Lelina Chang
LEAD Program Director

Lelina Chang is a sophomore in TD hailing from Long Island, York. Lelina absolutely loves meeting new people from different backgrounds and listening to intriguing life stories. She has a huge passion for medicine access in underdeveloped countries as well as understanding ways in which we can improve US healthcare. 

She is a pre-med, double majoring in MCDB and Sociology with a concentration in Health and Society. She is also planning to apply for the 5-year BA-BS Masters of Public Health Program.

At Yale, she is currently Yale Ivy Council Head Delegate, a Timothy Dwight College Master’s Aide, an active sophomore rep on Timothy Dwight College Council, and a member of Yale School of Public Health’s Universities Allied for Essential Medicines. She also spends a portion of her week at the Yale Medical School doing research in immunology. Lelina is thrilled about getting to know the new LEAD Year 1 class and developing a strong sense of community among members spanning all four years. 

Gigi Stark Finance Director

Gigi Stark
Finance Director

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Farah Al Hadid Outreach Director

Farah Al Hadid
Outreach Director

Farah Alhadid is a junior in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in Political Science. She is also a Global Health Scholar. She comes to Yale from Amman, Jordan. Farah is passionate about international development and humanitarian crises. She has been involved in multiple refugee-assistance programs in the past. At Yale, Farah is a teacher with YIRA's Hemispheres program, co=president on the Arab Students' Association Board. She is also staffing the YIRA SCSY conference and is on the organizing team for the Ivy Leadership Summit. She has previously been Events' Co-Director for YLI. 


Wei Li LEAD Year 2 Director

Wei Li
LEAD Year 2 Director

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