The Leadership Institute is comprised of the four core projects listed below.
For more detailed descriptions and pictures of each of these key programs, continue scrolling down the page. 

Conferences/ Events

Through conferences and events hosted by the Leadership Institute, Yale students develop themselves as leaders by attending weekend retreats and conferences, working with leadership educators, attending speakers and workshops, and collaborating with other students. Conferences spark discussions that can't be found elsewhere on campus.

Leadership Teas

Leadership Teas allow the Yale community to interact with distinguished leaders in a personalized setting such as dinner. These experiences give students the chance to learn from the personal leadership experiences of successful role models. 

L.E.A.D. PrograM

The L.E.A.D program is an innovative four year leadership-training program meant to transform a small group Yale leaders through weekly personalized classes, workshops, galas, and internships. 30 Yale freshman are interviewed and selected to join the program, and complete L.E.A.D at the end of their senior year.

Youth Leadership Program 

Yale students work with the New Haven Mayor's Office and provide basic leadership training for Middle and High School students in the local community aimed at increasing self-confidence and personal leadership skills, and civic awareness.