L.E.A.D Program

With the provision of comprehensive skills-based leadership training, L.E.A.D. enriches a Yale academic education with a leadership education provided by experts. The program challenges the very notion of leadership, and strives to provide resources for a diverse range of leadership interests, including but not limited to: governance, business, academia, medicine and non-profit work. Participants will become stronger, more passionate, and visionary leaders who will serve as adaptive agents for positive change. 


L.E.A.D participants apply upon entering their freshman year at Yale and graduate from the program after four years. Upon graduation, participants receive a special certificate of completion with their diploma. We hope that participants will view their undergraduate years through the lens of the program, and will use the networks formed while at Yale to further their lifelong goals. L.E.A.D. encourages all participants to learn the skills necessary to live leadership as a way of life, and lead the way to a better future. The program is split into four different programs, each with a specified purpose:

 Year 1: Understanding OneselF 

This year concentrates on the self-awareness as an individual, how to channel and hone one's strengths, and learning to understand how personal weaknesses can be addressed effectively through leadership training. During this year, we hope program participants will gain a belief in leadership training as a continuous process that can always be improved through our weekly scheduled classes and monthly weekend workshops.

Year 2: Understanding Others

We want participants to see themselves and their efforts in relation to other people. Working on collective strengths and appreciating the similarities and differences in the skill set needed to lead oneself as compared to leading others is the focus of this year. These skills will be developed through formal bi-weekly classes and monthly workshops. We will facilitate additional small-group sessions

Year 3: Leadership In Action 

This year aims to apply the teachings of Year 1 and 2 to practical life situations and challenge, as well as encourage program participants to fully assume ownership and leadership in areas of interest to them - the L.I, other extra-curricular undertakings, within their work and internship settings, and so on. Direct contact with the formal academic program will be through bi-weekly seminars.

Year 4: Passing the Torch

The final year focuses on transferring the institutional memory and knowledge gained from L.E.A.D. to future generations of program graduates and setting up a profitable alumni network that L.E.A.D. participants will value and use for years to come.  Participants will organize their own meetings and agenda for this year.

L.E.A.D. Events

L.E.A.D. is designed to approach leadership as a set of skills that one can learn, expand, and continually improve on during one's Yale career. While we are determined to embrace the full range of leadership talents of the Yale student body, we want L.E.A.D. to demonstrate that being a leader in any capacity involves much more than "natural talent" and pursuing tradition roles. We recognize the dynamic nature of innovative and forward-looking leadership and want L.E.A.D. to ensure that Yale students have the transferable skills necessary to be resourceful and creative in their approach to leadership in whatever situation they may find themselves. L.E.A.D events are open to all members and alumni of the Leadership Institute and include... 

  • Leadership skills classes taught by School of Management professors, professional consultants, and special guest
  • A network of leadership resources such as internships, study abroad opportunities, and more
  • Simulations of real life leadership challenges created by professionals
  • Guest speakers from different fields and backgrounds of leadership
  • A strong network to L.E.A.D. alumni and mentors
  • Camaraderie and a family of fellow leaders

Photos from the L.E.A.D Program