The Yale Leadership Institute was founded in January 2007 by two Yale undergraduates as a means to promote leadership education and training for Yale College. At that time, the opportunities offered at Yale dealt only tangentially with leadership. Many highly motivated students could not find guidance to help hone their requisite skills and become accomplished leaders in their respective fields; Skills such as public speaking, conflict mediation, and working synergistically in groups. Our organization was created with the mission of enabling Yale student to achieve their full leadership potential. 

Since then, our mission has expanded and YLI has provided students and the New Haven community with a well-organized structure to learn directly about leadership - not only in a theoretical framework, taught by experienced global leaders, but also through valuable personal and shared leadership experiences. The LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) program is Yale's premier four-year training program that features weekly workshops, discussions, guest lectures, and more. It is endorsed by the Yale School of Management with many of its world-renowned professors serving as program advisors and/ or guest lecturers.

To date, the Yale College Leadership Institute has organized fourhighly successful Leadership Weeks at Yale that have attracted speakers such as Barry Nalebuff, founder of Honest Teas; John Podolny, Former Dean of the Yale School of Management; and Kimmie Weeks, winner of the 2007 Golden Brick Award.  We have also hosted six successful "Perspectives on Leadership" conferences on Yale’s campus and held well over 40 workshops and classes for Yale students.

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