Our vision 

The Yale Leadership Institute (YLI) was founded in the 2007 on the reality that the world suffers from a lack of impactful leaders. Keeping with this principle, we believe that individuals deserve an environment in which they can develop the vision, moral conviction, and interpersonal skills essential for the effective performance of their duties in a leadership setting. Political leaders may allow personal ambitions to overshadow pressing issues; business leaders may prioritize profits over customers or the environment; and other leaders still may disproportionately focus on bottom-line issues at the expense of their peers and surroundings. Even with a strong vision and moral conviction, those in a position of leadership often lack the broader set of personal skills necessary to maximize their impact. We hope to change this reality.

Why Leadership at Yale?

Given Yale students' capacity to assume critical roles in society, there is a remarkable lack of focus on explicit leadership development programming on campus. The Leadership Institute aims to address this problem by equipping Yale students with essential leadership skills and by offering a framework with which we can grapple with the most pressing leadership challenges of our time. We believe that Yale students have the capability to pass on the leadership skills they learn in order to inspire the next generation of student leaders. 

What do we do?

In the past years, the Leadership Institute has hosted successful leadership workshops and teas, partnered closely with professors from the Yale School of Management and the United States Military Academy at West Point, hosted annual Leadership Weeks, welcomed students from dozens of top universities for the annual “Perspectives on Leadership” conference, graduated groups of high school students from our Youth Leadership Initiative program, and co-sponsored numerous other events with other undergraduate organizations and the Yale College Dean’s Office.

What's NExt?

In the years ahead, the Leadership Institute will continue to establish a strong institutional foundation while continuing to expand programming for students in the New Haven community. For the coming 2017- 2018 school year we hope to partner and offer our services to other on campus organizations, and implement two new flagship projects: The President's Gala - an event bringing together all student organizations of Yale University - and our first annual high school leadership conference to be held at Yale's School of Management building.  

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